Kindle 2 arrived!

kindleI’ve just opened the box! The packaging is lovely & minimal – I usually end up receiving books in boxes big enough for balikbayan & I always feel so awful about it. I turned it on and already have about two dozen books I bought (ok, for $0.00) from Amazon. It’s true, the screen really is fabulous & looks quite crisp! My first impression at holding it was mostly delight at how light it is! And I really like the Next Page buttons. I haven’t yet used the keyboard but I suppose I can always talk about that later. Also no one has ever really mentioned the screensaver… it’s a portrait of Edgar Allan Poe! (Edit: I just realized that there are several screensavers that cycle through.) How nice! My first read will be Atonement by Ian McEwan ($7.99 at Amazon) so stay tuned!

Sorry about the image quality though; my darling Sony Cybershot seems to have bit the dust so for now it’s my 2.0 megapixel camera phone!


One response to “Kindle 2 arrived!

  1. I loved Atonement. Hope you enjoy it too. (It’s MUCH better than the movie)

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