More Kindle, Atonement cont.

I forgot to mention that I still don’t actually have a cover for my Kindle. These are the three features I want:

  1. Looks like a book!
  2. Not leather
  3. Uses the hinge system

So far the M-Edge covers seem perfect for me, but they’re not putting the hinged ones out until next week or so. Right now my poor little KT travels in a cloth pouch that I happen to have and I just put her in the top part of my backpack when I’m walking around campus. Of course, this makes me a little restless so sometimes I walk around holding her, in the pouch. Like a baby. Ahem. Anyway, let me know if there are any other covers you think I should know about!

I’m more than halfway through Atonement and I already know that this book gets two thumbs up. I knew it before I finished the first chapter. It’s lovely, and so much better the movie (which incidentally, I loved). I also loved how Part II starts exactly 50% into it. And I love the progress indicator in the Kindle; it’s grown on me. I’m planning on finishing Atonement tonight before going to see my boyfriend as Grumio in Taming of the Shrew! ‘Til tomorrow!

Edit: Hey, M-Edge! Did you know I was writing this post? Because you just put up the cover of my dreams on your website! *runs to order*


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