The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I started reading The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald (free at Feedbooks). For the record, I haven’t yet seen the movie but my mother loved it and I’m planning on watching it eventually. I didn’t know it was such a short story! But anyway I love the tone, how it’s clearly a society of What Will They Think? The imagery is great though – for someone who hasn’t seen the movie, imagine a wee little hairy man in a young boy’s outfit playing with a rattle! So far I find it all very funny in that subdued sort of way.


2 responses to “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  1. I just read the curious case of benjamin button on I hadn’t heard about feedbooks. I’m excited to try it out, because who can possibly have too many ways read books?

    Anyway, I thought the benjamin button book was a really fun read. I haven’t seen the movie yet either. I am intrigued now, though.

    Also, there’s a cool TED talk about how they digitally made Benjamin in the movie. (first result on google for “ted talk benjamin button”)

    p.s. this is Ryan of 3000books.

    • Hi Ryan! Thanks for the dailylit link and the Benjamin Button video. I’d never heard of dailylink and it looks like fun! Kind of like reading serials in newspapers like in the “olden days”.

      I’m excited to see Benjamin Button now – what a cool video! I still can’t believe they can make effects like that.

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