Kindle 2 case

M-Edge ProdigySo I lied, I didn’t run and buy an M-Edge Prodigy case ($36.89 including shipping to New Jersey). Don’t get me wrong, I still desperately want one, in all its hinged, non-leather, book-like glory! But first of all, it doesn’t ship until “on or about March 18,” and the accompanying booklight still isn’t available to order and I’d rather not pay for shipping twice. Sigh. But keeping my dear Guy’s (short for Guide, short for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) safety and wellness in mind, I need some sort of case to keep him safe in the meantime. I wanted something cute and cheap, with the option of using it for something else when I do have my M-Edge. Vera Bradley Large Bow CosmeticI looked around at Vera Bradley and I almost got the Large Bow Cosmetic (in Hope Garden or Purple Punch, love those new colours!) but $34 plus shipping was just a teeny bit too much for me to pay for a supplementary/temporary case so I searched around a bit more.

I ended up going with an ebook reader case from Lollington at Etsy because well, I love Etsy, and Lollington’s work is so adorable and looks so well-made. It’s just a nice little padded and zippered pouch. Here’s the description:

Made of heavy duty burgundy cotton duck cloth and padded with 1/2 inch of superior-quality high density foam, this tough (yet stylish) electronics case is sure to keep your little baby safe and sound. This case is also spill-resistant.

Vital Stats:
10 1/4 inches tall
6 3/4 inches wide
Zippered top
Cotton lining

This sturdy case fits a variety of dedicated ebook reading devices, including:
* Amazon Kindle 1
* Amazon Kindle 2
* Sony Reader PRS-500
* Sony Reader PRS-505
* Sony Reader PRS 700

I asked my little brother for his advice on which to get, and I went with the bear, Lollington Ebook Reader Case because as he said, it’s keeping with the theme of saving the environment (i.e., poley bears) by reducing my use of paper via the Kindle! (I know – I asked my brother? for his advice on cute cases? I’m silly.) Well I liked his reasoning and the bear WAS cute and coincidentally pink, my favourite… so voilà! I have a sweet little Kindle case coming to me for $22.95 including shipping!

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