P.S. I Love You

Just finished P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern (free at Amazon)… yep, back on my book-movies kick! And how sad! Seriously, I cried on and off all day. It’s even sadder than the movie, if that’s at all possible, and incidentally, the book is totally different from the movie anyway! So P.S. I Love You starts with Holly who is just shy of thirty and lost her husband Gerry, who had a brain tumor. She’s devastated, but it turns out Gerry had left her with a note for every remaining month of the year – 10 notes total. These notes tell her how to live her life without him, as he seemed to know beforehand that she’d be pretty hopeless at first. The notes range from telling her to buy a bedside lamp to keep her from bumping her leg at night, to doing karaoke even though she’s horrid, to sending her on a lovely vacay with her best friends in Lanzarote, Spain… Meanwhile her (and Gerry’s) friends and family have lives that continue on as well and Holly is still struggling to deal with her own life, unexpectedly and suddenly alone.

Even in the company of friends she felt alone; in a room of a thousand people she would feel alone. But mostly when she roamed the rooms of her quiet house she felt alone… She hated feeling like she had no reason to wake up; she hated the feeling when she did wake up. She hated the feeling of having no excitement or anything to look forward to. She missed the feeling of being loved, of knowing Gerry was watching her as she watched television or ate dinner. She missed sensing his eyes on her as she entered a room… (Location 4582)

It’s definitely a book that puts things into perspective, as they like to say. Do you love someone with all your heart? Are you passionate and honest about your love, and do you brush off silly worries, knowing that you are loved wholly and interminably? And beyond romantic love, the book explores family love a lot more than the movie does. I LOVE stories with big families like Holly’s, simply because I come from one. And her family is totally dysfunctional but loving and interesting on so many levels. It’s a great read – I think it must be quite long because I read all day but I’m not too sure because I haven’t adjusted yet to book lengths on the Kindle! Well worth it anyway! Oh, and I love the Irishness of it all! It all takes place in Ireland (except for the vacation)… none of that glorious Irishman falling in love with that American Hilary Swank rubbish.


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