I, Robot

Next is I, Robot by Cory Doctorow (free at Feedbooks) – not Asimov’s, although that is certainly on my list to read also. It reminded me a lot of Anthem by Ayn Rand. Now I love dystopian literature but it always really scares the hell out of me. This was no exception. Imagine a society – the country is called the United North American Trading Sphere, the police are called Social Harmony, and robots control pretty much every aspect of life. And the rival country, Eurasia, regularly smuggles in robot parts which can be used to attack UNATS to undermine the social structure. Arturo is a cop with a twelve-year-old daughter who is kidnapped; meanwhile he still has to deal with the fact that his wife left him and defected to Eurasia and builds the subversive robots. And Social Harmony knows all this. Freakin’ scary. My extremely libertarian boyfriend would have a field day with this one!


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