Kudos to M-Edge

I swear, M-Edge has like the fastest customer service ever. I’ve emailed them three times and always received a response within hours, or in the most recent case, in four minutes!

  1. 2/20 at 2:24PM to ask when the Kindle 2 Prodigy was coming out:
    Response at 4:51PM
  2. 3/1 at 6:39PM to ask when the new booklight would come out:
    Response at 9:33PM
  3. 3/4 at 7:01PM to ask about an order I made.
    Response at 7:05PM!!!

For the record, the Prodigy (synthetic or leather) is up to order now, but won’t ship until the 18th, although people on the Amazon Kindle boards are reporting that they’ve received notices of shipping already. The second generation e-Luminator booklight is shown on the website but won’t be available for orders until late March. And I attempted to order my Prodigy the other day, tried to pay via PayPal but I never received a confirmation email and there’s no sign of it on PayPal. So I was trying to clear that up.

No matter what, seriously stellar customer service from M-Edge!

P.S. I swear, I don’t normally contact CS this often! (before you all start to think I’m an annoying customer…) In fact I can’t even remember an instance when I’ve called or emailed CS before, and certainly never to complain.

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