Lollington from Etsy

Lollington with Kindle insideI just received my Lollington Kindle case… no really, just four minutes ago, so I ran up here and took pictures with my camera phone (RIP Pinkie the Sony Cybershot) and uploaded them. Soooooo sweet. It’s really well-made, the colours are lovely (burgundy and pink), and it’s nice and padded so it definitely feels as if it’ll protect my Guy, even when I put him in my backpack along with my laptop and textbooks. Thanks so much Felizia! Definitely check out her merch if you’re looking for a pouch for your Kindle. I highly recommend it!

Poley Bear

I know I was drooling over M-Edge designs, but I’ve been reading Guy naked since I got him and I have to say that I think I’d prefer it over having a cover. But Poley Bear I think will do just fine to protect good old Guy when I trek across campus with my purple backpack, or if I want to throw him in my purse before I go out.

Lollington with Kindle

Um, I hope it goes without saying that GUY the Kindle is naked while I read, not I. Just to clear things up. In case it would turn out to be awkward. Which it is now. Ahem.

P.S. By the way, that shipping… lightning fast, seriously. I ordered it on Monday I think, and I didn’t pay for any super expensive rates or anything. So impressed.


2 responses to “Lollington from Etsy

  1. Thats it!!!
    I’m officially and completely jealous now. I’ve gone from maybe I’ll get one….to…..I HAVE to have one.
    Can I blame you when I tell my husband and all your delightful posts about Kindle? (grin)

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