The War of the Worlds

Sorry, since I’ve been on spring break I suppose I should be reading and writing MORE, but the truth is, my boyfriend is spending half of break here at my house & we’re going to his house for the rest of it so I’ve neglected to read and post for a bit. Oh but I bought him his Kindle and it just arrived the other day! So now Guy has a little buddy to play with, Ford Prefect.

Anyway I’ve finished This Side of Paradise (although really, what paradise? Amory Blaine is nearly as depressing as Werther) and moved on to The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells (free at Feedbooks). Really excited! I’ve never seen any adaptation (and never plan to, damnit Tom Cruise) but I think mostly everyone is pretty familiar with the whole premise. I’ve only read a few chapters but I’ll post again when I’ve gotten farther in. I’ve always wondered though, if some strange object from outer space landed in some field, I would not be among the people who stick around and try to catch a glimpse. I’d be very, very far away indeed!


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