The Subtle Knife

So I’ve moved on to the second book of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, The Subtle Knife. So far I really like it! It’s quite different from the first one, especially as it starts out with a boy named William who seems to come from a separate universe which is much more similar to ours. But some strange men are after this green leather writing pad that supposedly belongs to his long-lost adventurer-father, and his mother’s somewhat batty, so he escapes to another universe, where he randomly runs into Lyra! But it switches back to the Golden Compass storyline too, which I like because obviously there was no neat ending to that, and in fact, there are new plot twists that still have to be addressed. I want to see Iorek again!


One response to “The Subtle Knife

  1. I love that your reading this series. I’ve tried to get many people to read it because I found it really fascinating. Keep enjoying at and I won’t say another word until your finished.

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