One month!

Happy one month anniversary, smallrectangularobjects! How exciting! Over 400 hits in my first month! Ok, I’m not shooting high, am I? But I’m happy with what I’ve got and am confident that I’ll stick with this. I’ve read 15 books just this month, all on Guy the Kindle, so I am right on target.

Still loving Guy, by the way, and am constantly finding new reasons to love him every day. For example:

  • pulling up bookmarks when something I’ve read is bothering me
  • the search function
  • reading PDFs for class without printing
  • being able to check the weather!
  • Wikipedia anywhere I am
  • dictionary
  • looking up books when I think of them and buying them on the spot 1

1 Actually ask me about this one later, when I’m hundreds of dollars poorer because I keep compulsively buying books…


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