Class readings on the Kindle

So the thing is, I have a LOT of reading to do for my courses. Many of them are PDFs or Word documents that my professors post on the online Blackboard we use at my university. I try to read as much as possible; often I’m one of the few prepared to actually discuss, but if I think back over all four years of printing PDFs… my heart hurts a little bit. I recycle all my paper but I feel like I shouldn’t have printed them in the first place. I try to read on the computer when I can but it really does make my eyes hurt terribly, so when I print I usually do “Multiple pages per sheet” AND double-sided, using recycled paper. But now I can put all my PDFs on the Kindle, avoiding printing altogether! Lately all I’ve printed are papers that I write and submit, when my professor explicitly states that he/she wants a paper copy.

Rather than use the free conversion service that Amazon does (and certainly NOT paying ten cents for it either!) I’ve taken to converting my PDFs using the Mobipocket eBook Creator. You just download this program and you can upload PDFs, Word documents, HTML pages, text documents, and probably more, which you can then convert to .prc files (whatever that is, but it’s compatible with the Kindle) and it saves directly to your computer and you can just drag it into the E: drive when you plug your Kindle in. The part that I actually find most appealing over the Amazon free conversion service is that you can go to “Metadata” and specify the Title and Author, for sorting purposes on the Kindle. My biggest gripe when I used Amazon to convert was that the title was fine, but the author was my e-mail address! So annoying. Just wanted to let people know that it doesn’t have to be that way!


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