Kindle for people who inherited awful eyes

This is only marginally related to reading, if only because eyes are used for reading (I know, my powers of logic are incredible!) But actually, the Kindle is quite important to me because my vision is terrible, especially for a 21-year-old! largefontMy prescription has been -9.00/-9.50 for about two years; luckily it seems to have stopped getting worse for now. So I’ve always been reluctant to take my contacts out at night because I’m pretty useless without them, and my eye doctor refused to write me a prescription for glasses because he said they’d make me feel like I was in a carnival funhouse. I do eventually have to take my contacts out though, and it’s pretty awful because it has to be literally the last thing I do before I go to sleep. But last night when I took my contacts out, I read on my Kindle using the gigantor font size. It’s kind of embarrassing to see how big the text is with my contacts in, but I can actually read with the Kindle a decent distance away from my face when I have no contacts in!

That being said, has anyone seen the new contacts lens cases that come with lens solution nowadays? contactsThey’re pretty scary. They look a bit like a torture device for crickets! (Or something…) Eventually I figured out how to use it, because stupid me, I took out a lens before I even tried opening the case to find out where to put the lens! I don’t understand why they had to make it look absolutely terrifying, but I can see that my contacts are guaranteed to be submerged in the new case. Cool, in the History Channel Modern Marvels: Torture Devices sort of way.


2 responses to “Kindle for people who inherited awful eyes

  1. Ok, it’s official, I’m going to get a Kindle2 for my birthday in May~~ Yay me. Then I’ll be bugging you with any questions and concerns I have because by then you’ll be a kindle2 pro.
    I was showing it to my Mother online and her first concern was being able to read the text if she got one. I’ll have to let her know that you CAN change the font and it shouldn’t be an issue. Thank you for the continued information and bearing with my jealousy (smile)

    • Bug away!

      I think it’s a great idea for visually impaired people. My boyfriend’s grandmother would love one so I keep entering Kindle giveaways to try to win one for her!

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