M-Edge Prodigy!

Oops. Sorry, M-Edge. medge1I was complaining that they were taking forever to ship (in all fairness, I ordered weeks ago and heard nothing!) and apparently it really did ship a few days ago and arrived yesterday. So the Prodigy cover is quite nice – I got the synthetic leather in Royal Blue. The colour is lovely, and I know people say that the cover is thicker than they would like, but I was actually surprised by how thin it all turns out to be, including the Kindle! With the Kindle inside it’s still about an inch thick, or a bit less. Also the synthetic leather feels quite nice.

As for the hinge system, medge2I have to admit I still never quite understood how it worked from the diagrams and descriptions, but once I had it in my hands I figured it out quite easily and am very confident that Guy is secure. The two stretchy corner straps add to the security and don’t feel like they’re in the way at all. I’m pretty pleased with mine. My boyfriend got the leather Smooth Mocha and says he really likes his too. And lucky for him, it still fits in the inside pocket of his Scottevest.

Now to wait for them to finish designing their new light!

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