El filibusterismo

El filibusterismo (known in English as “The Reign of Greed”) by José Rizal (free at Gutenberg) is the sequel to Noli me tangere. It starts out with Ibarra from the Noli returning to the Philippines after another long while, but he’s disguised as a rich jeweler named Simoun. He’s given up his idealistic views from the first book after experiencing such terrible treatment from his fellow countrymen. This time he’s basically sabotaging the country through his influence on the Capitan-General; he gives horrid advice in an attempt to incite revolution. A few of the other minor characters from Noli are back too, so it’s interesting to see what has happened to their lives after thirteen years. The most notable change is the complete degeneration of trust that Ibarra once had in the sociopolitical structure of the Philippines.

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