Handy Dandy M-Edge

New reason to love my M-Edge cover: I keep my school ID in my Kindle case now so when I go for lunch (or breakfast or dinner) at school I just grab the case and run to the caf with no worries about a wallet plus Kindle plus whatever. It might not seem like a big deal but I am always misplacing my ID (which not only lets me into the residence halls but also contains my meal plan!) since I don’t use a purse at school (just a backpack) so for me it’s helpful to have one place to keep it without having to shuffle through my backpack or worry about it falling out of my coat pocket1. How handy!


1 Oh, and sometimes I don’t HAVE a pocket because I’m not wearing a coat, and that’s just a tragedy!

2 responses to “Handy Dandy M-Edge

  1. Hello,
    My name is Kirsten and I work for M-Edge. I stumbled upon your blog! I am so glad you are finding our cover useful! Thanks for writing about M-Edge on your blog.
    Happy Kindling,

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