M-Edge update

I’ve been meaning to blog about this lately but it’s slipped my mind – M-Edge has been quite the busy beaver lately. They’ve put out a “GO! Jacket” for the Kindle 2, presumably because people were complaining about how bulky their Prodigy, Executive, and Platform jackets were. Personally, I’m quite happy with my Prodigy, but I suppose for some people the slightest tweaks like smaller size are important. The GO! comes in only leather (so far) in Pebbled Purple, Pebbled Fuschia, Smooth Mocha, Pebbled Black, and Smooth Red. To be completely honest, I think it looks pretty much exactly like the official Amazon Kindle 2 leather cover – it’s even the same price at $29.99. Keep in mind that it still uses the hinge system + two corner straps and seems significantly smaller, but does not have a strap to keep it closed or pockets inside. I know people were saying that the pockets were useless, but I find them quite handy, as I’ve mentioned before for keeping my student ID and a few business cards.

Also I received an email from M-Edge about their e-luminator, which I have been patiently awaiting for months! For the record, the GO! Jacket is NOT compatible with their light. Anyway the website says that it’s available for pre-order on May 26! So far away! Here’s part of the email:


Dear M-Edge Customer,

We know many of you are excited to hear about our new 2nd generation e-Luminator. Well, get excited — it’s almost here!!

We’ve worked hard to make this product even better than our first e-Luminator. Based on your comments and suggestions, we have redesigned the 2nd generation e-Luminator to include the following features:

* “Super bright” LED light that operates at two brightness settings
* Optical grade lens provides smooth lighting
* Rotating support arm allows users to position the light from the side or top
* Compatible with M-Edge Prodigy, Executive and Platform Jackets for Kindle 2
(as well as some new surprise Kindle 2 products coming soon!)
* Also, compatible with our Kindle 1 Executive jackets
* Requires only one AAA battery which provides more than 20 hours of use


The e-Luminator will be available for pre-order on May 26. As a thank you for our customers’ patience with the release of this new light, we will be offering a special limited time promotional discount code for your M-Edge e-Luminator 2 purchase. Please keep an eye on your e-mail inbox for this upcoming eNewsletter with discount code!

*Please note: : We expect to begin shipping all e-Luminators in mid-June. We will fill all preorders as soon as possible in the order they were received.


2 responses to “M-Edge update

  1. I can’t wait for M-Edge’s new e-Luminator!!! Thank you for updating.

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