Kindle DX

There it is, folks. The new Amazon Kindle DX. We’ve heard rumours for ages about it, basically since the K2 came out, but I had no idea it’d be out so soon!

I’m sure it’ll be great for some people: it seems to support textbooks very well, as it now has native PDF support, so yes, more complex PDFs, including graphs and such will look much better on the DX. Its screen is now 9.7″, making the overall size 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″. It also has that auto-rotate function where if you rotate it to one side, the image will rotate also (like the iPod Touch). It now has 4GB of internal memory but still doesn’t seem to have folders or a way of sorting? Not that I can tell so far. Other than that it doesn’t look that much different – but I understand that for some people, the native PDF support was really what they were looking for, and now they have it.

Still no colour, which I feel like those same people were also looking for… (doesn’t matter to me much as I mainly read regular old novels). Text-to-speech is still the same, same free wireless delivery, etc. Also a few newspapers are offering even more of a discount in exchange for a long-term commitment: New York Times, Washington Post, and Boston Globe. But exciting news for students: they also have a partnership with three large textbook publishing companies: Pearson, Wiley and Signage so we’ll finally see some textbooks available.

So basically I think it’s perfect for people who read textbooks, technical books, and newspapers. I’ve never read a technical book in my life, I read all my news online anyway, and today is my last day of undergrad so I won’t be reading textbooks for quite a while, if ever. So sadly, I don’t think it’s for me. I’m perfectly happy with my K2, and I quite like the size and hate auto-rotating devices (I read lying on my side a lot). But I do think it’ll be very exciting news for some people!

Oh, did I not mention that it’s $489? Yikes. That is a large chunk of change. It’s up for pre-order now and will supposedly come out this summer.

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