The Fountainhead

Just finished The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand on the train ride home today. I must say, I was impressed. Now having read both Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, I think I would say that I liked Fountainhead more. It might be that my ideas of society and the economy are pretty different from Rand’s, but I wouldn’t say I’m the complete opposite. But I felt that the ideas in Fountainhead were much more palatable to me than some of the more radical views in Atlas Shrugged. I also think I liked the characters better, like I liked Howard Roark and Dominique Francon better than John Galt and Dagny Taggart.

Anyway it might not seem like much but I’m proud to have read them both and feel like I learned a lot from them. Now I’m going to read a few shorter novels/novellas to kind of… wind down.

One response to “The Fountainhead

  1. In The Fountainhead, the skyscraper serves as the cogent symbol illumining the leitmotif of human greatness and American achievement. Architecture, for Rand, is the perfect backdrop for the novel because it yokes “art, science in the sense of engineering, and business” and best portrays man’s creative elements. The Fountainhead resonates with readers in an essay to fragment the symmetrical fringes of much aesthetic conceit, spawning newfangled views at the vanguard of a postindustrial age. Like Ayn Rand, I, too, am engrossed by technology and the metropolitan landscape.

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