M-Edge case for Kindle DX

M-Edge has posted their new cases for the upcoming Amazon Kindle DX, which is scheduled to ship June 10. The case ships 3-5 days from the order date and comes in the Executive or Platform style, basically the same as for the Kindle 2 but sized accordingly. There does not seem to be a DX version of the Prodigy, which I have and love. That’s the one with the hinges – the Executive and Prodigy both use four loops at the corners.

These both also have pockets inside for business cards and the like AND a pen loop. As always, you have access to all the ports even while the Kindle is in the case and they are compatible with their e-Luminator book light (which is STILL not available!) Both are $49.99 and come in the following colours:

  • Genuine Leather Marbled Ruby Red
  • Genuine Leather Sapphire Blue
  • Genuine Leather Jade Green
  • Genuine Leather Smooth Black
  • Genuine Leather Smooth Mocha Brown
  • Genuine Leather Pebbled Navy Blue
  • Genuine Leather Pebbled Saddle Brown
  • Genuine Leather Pebbled Purple
  • Genuine Leather Pebbled Fuchsia
  • Synthetic leather Red
  • Synthetic leather Black

The one thing I find strange is that the genuine and synthetic leather covers are the same price. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for that, especially when it’s a pretty expensive cover (not to mention an expensive device!)


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