Fight Club

I guess I’ve been reading a lot of violent books lately… I swear it’s not on purpose! Anyway I read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk because I always loved the movie (Edward Norton love all around!)

Fight Club is about an unnamed narrator who works for a car company as the safety recall analyst. He suffers from insomnia, among other things (ennui, general hatred of his life, etc.) One day he meets Tyler Durden, who is a super charismatic soap salesman who also works crappy jobs just to terrorize the modern consumer. They start a Fight Club, which is exactly like it sounds – a group of guys meet up and fight, mainly to relieve the stresses of living in what they find a vapid, consumer-driven society.

This book is pretty important, in my opinion, because it addresses society’s obsession with labels and material possessions. I know I’m definitely victim to brand-love but I also acknowledge that it’s unhealthy to be defined by one’s possessions.

For the record, the book is surprisingly very similar to the movie. There were several scenes that felt as if the actors just used the book instead of a separate screenplay. Then again, there were also other scenes that was added or removed or just tweaked. The denouement is similar (same great plot twist) but it’s also a little changed, which I feel results in a different mood to the ending.


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