If your goal is to read more, get a Kindle! My goal used to be 50 books a year, and I usually reached around 48 or 49 in the last three years that I’ve been keeping track.

I’m at 50 1 now, barely halfway through the year!

I give owning a Kindle about 90% of the credit (the other 10% being out of school and mostly unemployed). I’ve found that I’m able to read the Kindle even while standing on a subway clutching desperately to the overheard rails which honestly are just a few inches too high for me to feel comfortably stabilized. I also find it much easier to read a book while lying on my back because heavy books tend to wear my wrists out or sometimes, if I lose my grip, fall onto my face! I’m also able to start reading another book immediately, which is a great improvement because I don’t often get to go to a bookstore or the library. (Wow, the Kindle is a great friend for the vehicle-less!) And best of all, I can read after I’ve taken my contacts out and properly read until I fall asleep.

I swear, the Kindle has changed my literary life.

1 That’s 50 whenever I finish Stranger in a Strange Land. I think I’m about halfway done.


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