M-Edge booklight review!

My M-Edge e-Luminator2 Booklight for the Amazon Kindle 2 came in the mail today! For your benefit I took pictures as soon as I opened the package.

It comes in a cute little package!

The neck is nicely bend-y yet feels sturdy.

It fits snugly in the dedicated slot of my Prodigy jacket.

The light swivels down for storage.

It gives off a fair bit of light which covers the whole screen.

OMG I can read under the covers again!

Again, it’s two levels of brightness – the difference didn’t show up in pictures though. It runs on one AAA battery, which M-Edge claims will last up to 20 hours of use. (I’m tempted to test it somehow.)

Luckily it’s overcast enough today that just turning the lights off and drawing the shades put my room in enough darkness to try it out – and it works. It’s definitely bright enough and I love that the circle of light it emits actually covers the entire screen. The best part though, is that it fits right inside my cover and folds away safely and quite unobtrusively. I’m definitely pleased!

Thanks, Kevin! Great present!


2 responses to “M-Edge booklight review!

  1. Where did you order from? both Amazon and M edge sites indicate the product is unavailable.

    • My fiance ordered it for me from the M-Edge website as soon as it was available. They must have received too many orders because it’s been backordered for a while now. I would suggest emailing customer service to see if they might have an idea of when it’ll be available again.

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