The Review Reviewal

Dear readers, check out my friend JP’s new blog, The Review Reviewal!  JP and I have been friends since meeting at Midwinter Convention for the New Jersey District of Key Club in 2004, he as an incoming Lieutenant Governor and I outgoing.  (Points if you know what all that rubbish is… I still miss it and wouldn’t miss a chance to link a fellow Key Clubber.)  Strangely enough, JP and I never actually served on the Board together and actually met very few times for Key Club, except every year since we both graduated from high school JP picks me up to go to our old administrator’s holiday party.  Always good times, and I can always count on JP for ridiculous AIM conversations at 2AM.  A good, good friend and absolutely hilarious, so go read what he has to say!

What, you want to know what he blogs about?  Why does that matter?  He’s funny.  (But if you really have to know, he reviews anything from movies to… well, I don’t know just what else since he’s only posted a few entries but we’ll just have to find out as he goes along, won’t we?)

Edited to Add: For clarification’s sake, he reviews reviews of movies, etc. Slightly different, but we’re talking degrees of separation here.


One response to “The Review Reviewal

  1. I review reviews. And I’m indebted to your promotion. Thank you!

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