Infinite Jest

I finally finished Infinite Jest – and just in time for the end of the “Infinite Summer” – so I wanted to blog quickly about my basic reaction to it. I thought it was over-hyped and pretentious. The idea behind it was so interesting to me but I honestly had no patience for his writing style. I liked certain parts like the stories of some of the students at Enfield Academy but I was completely put off by his weak attempts at “urban” colloquialisms.

I feel like I wasted time reading what seemed to be an infinite book. Luckily I still read several books in the last week to make up for it.

Sorry, Wallace. I tried to like it but I just couldn’t.


3 responses to “Infinite Jest

  1. his essays are a lot more fun/readable. im still in media res of infinite jest though.

  2. Apart from the ESCHATON debacle this book is pure genius. The characters, the ideas, the complex episodes, the underlying sense of total heart-break & hope-in-dark-time are hard to find anywhere else. The diversity of pitch-perfect vernaculars&voices is unrivalled.

    I find it near incomprehensible how one cannot like this book, other than that it is one of the greatest literary, intellectual challenges one will come across.

    peace, t

    • Fair enough. I recognize the complexity and the genius of it – I think perhaps that’s what kept me going through so much of it. I disagree, however, with it having “pitch-perfect vernacular”. Instead I found it rather affected.

      Definitely a great challenge to read though.

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