The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown has done it again! No really… He wrote basically the same exact book again to the same rousing round of applause. The Lost Symbol was basically Angels and Demons set in Washington, DC, with freemasons. I have to be honest, I still pre-ordered it to be sent to my Kindle at midnight and I still read it like a large child consuming Milky Way bars… but I also acknowledge that this book was sort of trashy because I knew that Brown had already written the same book before and was making bank on his addicting formulaic novel.

And his writing really isn’t very impressive; in fact it’s downright sloppy in parts. But the man can still weave a fairly interesting tale. He definitely can’t write another “Langdon running around the city solving symbol-clues to save the world as we know it” novel though. I like to think that we’re intelligent enough to not buy into that again. I hope.


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