The Road

Cormac McCarthy’s The Road has gotten a lot of press lately since Oprah recommended it and it was made into a movie – and with good reason.  It is one of the best books I’ve read in a while; it’s horrifying, yes, but amazing nonetheless.  There are several scenes that are so absolutely wretched that I won’t likely forget them for a very long time.

The book is about a man and a boy who are on a journey towards the ocean after an unnamed (probably natural) disaster that killed off almost all of humanity and plant-/animal-life.  For some reason they believe that they’ll be saved once they get to the ocean, and the whole time you’re thinking that there probably won’t be anything there, and they probably know it too, but it’s the hope that drives them so you keep telling yourself that it’ll be perfectly all right in the end.  It’s an absolutely desolate, nerve-wracking journey that leaves you feeling as desperate as the man and boy.


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