Interview with the Vampire

Simply a classic. I’ve finally decided to get to work on Anne Rice because I randomly read Memnoch the Devil one time when I was a kid (really far too young to be reading Rice) and felt like I needed to finish out her books.

I really love the sensuality of Rice’s vampires – it isn’t necessarily sexual but it’s erotic and consuming and so desirous.  Anyway I really love the frame story of the boy interviewing the vampire Louis after the series of events with Lestat and Claudia and Armand.

I feel like I need to go back to the Team Lestat vs. Team Armand (sorry Stephenie Meyer, this is so much bigger than you are!) and I have to say I’m Team Armand.  I mean I appreciate Lestat’s brokenness and desperation but he’s pretty batshit (no pun intended) crazy.

I have to put the Vampire Chronicles on hold for a while because I started reading Stieg Larsson’s books and I need to finish them!


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