Library donations

I’m quite pleased with my family! We were doing some spring cleaning and my younger siblings decided that they’d finally outgrown some of the chapter books that were basically just taking up space on our bookshelves – so we donated them! I know, I know – you can sell pretty much anything on eBay (I actually use – but sometimes it’s just nice to give something away for free. And I’m not trying to say that we were so humbly charitable; to be perfectly honest we just wanted to clear up some space in our living room and didn’t feel like listing them, but I have to say it feels nice to know that there are more books in our public library now!

So if you have some books you haven’t cracked open in years, consider donating them! Generally all you have to do is drop them off at the library and they take care of it. I wondered what my library would do with a book that they can’t use and I found out that they just sell them to raise library funds (usually they sell for 50 cents or a dollar). Anything’s better than throwing a book in the trash!

Another idea, if the increased availability of books to the general public isn’t enough for you, is to swap your books. There are book trade shops around – I remember one in a town over from me when I was growing up… the shop is long gone but I’ll never forget the smell of what I thought must have been the oldest books ever. Now there are plenty of online book swaps. One I occasionally peruse is Paper Back Swap. Though the name implies otherwise, you can trade all sorts of books there – hardcover, audio, and textbooks as well!

And this twist on the idea has gained popularity for ages but has always stuck with me and has resulted in my constantly scanning my surroundings for feral books: BookCrossing. You leave a book (with an assigned BookCrossing number) in a public place for someone to find. And if you find a book with a BookCrossing number inside, you go to the website and let everyone know! It’s the idea of “releasing books into the wild”. It’s so exciting! And every once in a while I do check the listings for my area just in case there might be a book nearby. I think I might leave a few of my books out in the wild…


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