Starship Troopers

What a great read! I completely disagree with critics who say that this book glorifies war – I think, rather, that it glorifies the soldiers and acknowledges what they suffer through for the sake of country. Now, I haven’t seen the movie, which as I understand interpreted the novel quite differently from the way Heinlein supposedly intended… but the book is really great. I get the impression that if you liked the book, you may not like the movie.

A few things stood out for me:

  • The banality of war: Several times I noticed that Heinlein’s tone shows how desensitized Rico becomes to violence. Very scary!
  • Whoa, he’s Filipino? Kevin & I were talking once about how it’s wonderful that nationality could be just an afterthought – so often race is the most important identifier in literature and I just don’t buy it sometimes. Also, I wonder what he said in Tagalog…?
  • I was very interested in the idea of gaining full citizenship only through volunteering for military service. (I mean interested in the idea, not interested in actually having it implemented in our society!) Although I do wonder how it might work in a place like the United States. Very intriguing concept though.

6 responses to “Starship Troopers

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  2. I never knew there is a book! I do like the movie. Is the book any different from the movie?

  3. haha, i just asked you how different the book is from the movie, when you have not watched the flick! haha

    • Haha exactly, I haven’t seen it!

    • Kevin Waterman

      Totally different.

      I don’t know for a fact that it’s true, but it’s commonly stated that Paul Verhoeven, the director, never actually finished reading the novel.

      In terms of the actual content, they are only superficially similar, insofar as there is a war between humans and alien bugs and the main character is infantry. However the infantry of the novel are actually outfitted with a technologically advanced armored, mech-unit thing and have training more on a par with special ops forces, as opposed to the machine gun and minimal training they get in the movie.

  4. what is your MySpace page

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