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Between Planets

This was a quick, fun read.  It’s a children’s scifi novel by Heinlein about a boy whose citizenship comes into question because his parents are from different planets and he was born in outer space.  When the planets declare war against each other, he is suddenly unwanted either way and furthermore is hunted by authorities everywhere.

While it was fun and easy to read, I was a little annoyed by how political it got so fast.  And obviously Heinlein is well-known for his political doctrines but this seemed a little excessive, especially for a young adult novel.


The Jungle Book

I am perfectly aware that I haven’t posted much for two months.  Therefore, I am seeking to remedy this by catching up on posts while my students take their final exam.  Let the étudiants never be aware that their dear professeur is at the front of the room, playing around on WordPress and I Can Has Cheezburger.

Well according to Kevin, Neil Gaiman based The Graveyard Book on The Jungle Book so I had to go back and read it to see the significance of everything!  And The Jungle Book doesn’t disappoint.  There are a lot more stories about Mowgli and his jungle dudes that aren’t in the movie, so it’s definitely worth reading!  It’s no wonder the book is still popular with children.