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M-Edge still behind on orders

I forgot to mention that I ordered M-Edge Prodigy covers for Guy and Ford Prefect, especially since you get 10% off and free shipping if you order more than one off Amazon. Now, that’s a pretty good deal. But for a cover that I’m not especially excited about, seeing as how I adore my Lollington sleeve, I’m pretty annoyed at how long it’s taking. I ordered on March 10, and my credit card has been charged, even though my estimated delivery date is still April 6-14. I have a tracking number for USPS but it only says that the USPS has been notified to expect the shipment, which doesn’t really tell me anything.

Plus, their website now says that the light will be available for pre-order in late April. It was originally late March 2009. Now I can’t claim to know what it takes to redevelop a book light, but from a business viewpoint, I think they’ve spent way too much time developing an accessory that a lot of people might feel is somewhat necessary. A lot of people would just move on to another brand rather than wait for an easily substitutable product. If I hadn’t already bought the M-Edge covers I’d have just gone with the Mighty Bright, since they’ve been ready and shipping for several weeks already. (Although, why would you make black the standard colour for an accessory to a white product? Aesthetics 101.)

Anyway, the same goes for the cover – people who ordered the Prodigy covers a long time ago have received them, but it seems they’re struggling to keep up with the sudden demand when the Kindle 2 was released. It’s been an entire month now, and for a necessary accessory (a Kindle 2 should not be without a cover, I promise you) they’ve taken far too long. Take me, for instance, I’ve already bought another product and love it, so if the M-Edge Prodigy doesn’t make the birds sing and the sun shine, I’ll probably return it. As much as I love M-Edge’s customer service.


Lollington from Etsy

Lollington with Kindle insideI just received my Lollington Kindle case… no really, just four minutes ago, so I ran up here and took pictures with my camera phone (RIP Pinkie the Sony Cybershot) and uploaded them. Soooooo sweet. It’s really well-made, the colours are lovely (burgundy and pink), and it’s nice and padded so it definitely feels as if it’ll protect my Guy, even when I put him in my backpack along with my laptop and textbooks. Thanks so much Felizia! Definitely check out her merch if you’re looking for a pouch for your Kindle. I highly recommend it!

Poley Bear

I know I was drooling over M-Edge designs, but I’ve been reading Guy naked since I got him and I have to say that I think I’d prefer it over having a cover. But Poley Bear I think will do just fine to protect good old Guy when I trek across campus with my purple backpack, or if I want to throw him in my purse before I go out.

Lollington with Kindle

Um, I hope it goes without saying that GUY the Kindle is naked while I read, not I. Just to clear things up. In case it would turn out to be awkward. Which it is now. Ahem.

P.S. By the way, that shipping… lightning fast, seriously. I ordered it on Monday I think, and I didn’t pay for any super expensive rates or anything. So impressed.

Kindle 2 case

M-Edge ProdigySo I lied, I didn’t run and buy an M-Edge Prodigy case ($36.89 including shipping to New Jersey). Don’t get me wrong, I still desperately want one, in all its hinged, non-leather, book-like glory! But first of all, it doesn’t ship until “on or about March 18,” and the accompanying booklight still isn’t available to order and I’d rather not pay for shipping twice. Sigh. But keeping my dear Guy’s (short for Guide, short for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) safety and wellness in mind, I need some sort of case to keep him safe in the meantime. I wanted something cute and cheap, with the option of using it for something else when I do have my M-Edge. Vera Bradley Large Bow CosmeticI looked around at Vera Bradley and I almost got the Large Bow Cosmetic (in Hope Garden or Purple Punch, love those new colours!) but $34 plus shipping was just a teeny bit too much for me to pay for a supplementary/temporary case so I searched around a bit more.

I ended up going with an ebook reader case from Lollington at Etsy because well, I love Etsy, and Lollington’s work is so adorable and looks so well-made. It’s just a nice little padded and zippered pouch. Here’s the description:

Made of heavy duty burgundy cotton duck cloth and padded with 1/2 inch of superior-quality high density foam, this tough (yet stylish) electronics case is sure to keep your little baby safe and sound. This case is also spill-resistant.

Vital Stats:
10 1/4 inches tall
6 3/4 inches wide
Zippered top
Cotton lining

This sturdy case fits a variety of dedicated ebook reading devices, including:
* Amazon Kindle 1
* Amazon Kindle 2
* Sony Reader PRS-500
* Sony Reader PRS-505
* Sony Reader PRS 700

I asked my little brother for his advice on which to get, and I went with the bear, Lollington Ebook Reader Case because as he said, it’s keeping with the theme of saving the environment (i.e., poley bears) by reducing my use of paper via the Kindle! (I know – I asked my brother? for his advice on cute cases? I’m silly.) Well I liked his reasoning and the bear WAS cute and coincidentally pink, my favourite… so voilĂ ! I have a sweet little Kindle case coming to me for $22.95 including shipping!