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Multi-tasking, multi-topics

Sorry if this sounds a little bit disjointed but I’m writing this as I’m watching the U.S.-Mexico World Cup qualifier.

I’m still reading Infinite Jest!  To be fair I’ve been busy getting some play time in with my 10-week old nephew.  He’s absolutely adorable by the way and is starting to have little “conversations” with us.

But Infinite Jest is also really quite time-consuming.  It’s definitely not an easy read – Wallace has this way of just starting a discussion about a new character or situation and expecting you to figure out the background story for yourself.  It’s really disconcerting but also a welcome challenge.

This book is not a book I would recommend to someone “for a bit of light reading,” as Hermione Granger would say, but it covers a lot of interesting topics, some familiar (tennis training) and some well out of my range (drug addiction).  But I’m starting to suspect that Wallace intends to somehow make the reader a total expert in everything he discusses by the end of the novel.

For the record, I’m at 25%.

And the Azteca Stadium is really going crazy since USA just scored so if you’ll excuse me…


Infinite Jest

I am INFINITELY excited to be reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace! I obtained a copy from my good friend Matt Ford – go click on his website and tell him to blog more! So it’s hard to explain what Infinite Jest is about, especially since I’ve only read a chapter so far, so I’m going to cheat a little and just link you to the Wikipedia page and let the good folks there tell you all about it.

There’s a sort of informal online reading community for people reading it this summer – it’s quite cleverly called Infinite Summer – and I’ve been reading that voraciously as well! I’m obviously way behind because summer started well over a month ago, but hey, I’m going on vacation tomorrow until next week and it’ll be raining in lovely Ocean City, Maryland. I’ll try to update on my progress – I need to catch up to wherever everyone else is right now 1!

Matthew Baldwin recently posted this on the Infinite Summer blog:

Wallace is like the Lloyd Dobler of authors: he doesn’t woo you with flowers and chocolates, he stands outside your window with a boombox over his head until you relent.

If you love Lloyd Dobler as much as I do, that quote alone would make you want to read this!

1 I love the cute little “suggested” milestones on the Infinite Summer site… it reminds me more or less of reading chapter by chapter when I was in grade school. But back in those days, I usually just read the whole book in one night and was often not allowed to answer certain questions because I already knew how it’d end. Oops.