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M-Edge free shipping

Because free shipping is just the best thing ever!

M-Edge is offering free shipping on e-book jackets and accessories until Valentines’ Day.  Just use the code MEDGE214 when you check out.  While you’re at it, get me the New Yorker Bookopolis jacket!  I can’t bring myself to buy another jacket but I wantsssss the preciousssss.

And for you nookies, their B&N Nook jackets are available now too.  They have several different options, many of which are compatible with their book light.  Make sure you get the appropriate book light – it looks like there’s one for the Kindle jackets and a different one for the Nook jackets.  Anyway, the Kindle light is white and the Nook light is black, so you have no excuse for mixing it up!

Also they have the new Guardian which is meant to be “the only floating waterproof case for Kindle”.  Sounds exciting, but I would be way too scared to test it out.  I think I need a video where they dunk that baby in the water to ease my discomfort.  It’s not meant to be out until “Spring 2010” and apparently will be available in six colours.  There’s only one picture so I can’t tell exactly what will be coloured but it sounds neat anyway.

I can just imagine reading with my Guardianed Kindle in the bathtub…


New Yorker jackets by M-Edge

Ok I know I already have a Kindle cover, but those New Yorker jackets by M-Edge ($49.99) have me drooling!  I have this serious love for The New Yorker, and these jackets are really beautiful!  I can’t decide which I love best – though I’m a really big fan of the Bookopolis one.  These are made of genuine leather and hurrah, use the hinge system and elastic straps.  They’re also compatible with the M-Edge book light – super important for an in-bed reader like me!

Also it seems that today M-Edge is offering a buy one, get one 10% off deal!  Sooo tempting, except I have no reason to buy two jackets…

Kindle on the beach

Yesterday was mercifully lovely in Ocean City, MD (Sunday was flash floods and lightning… apparently a tornado touched down a few towns over!) so we were able to test out the beach.  The water was FRIGID.  So obviously I settled down to read because I have approximately 800 pages of Infinite Summer to read…

I was, of course, concerned for the well-being of my Kindle 2.  After all, he has a name and you just can’t throw something around if it has a name.  (Take my poor env2, for example.  I never bothered to name it so it is often thrown to the bottom of my purse and I don’t pay attention to it unless I receive a call/text or need a makeshift flashlight.)  I decided to stick Guy, with the front cover folded back, inside a gallon-sized Ziploc bag to protect him from the elements.  Another anecdote (AKA evidence of my irresponsible behaviour towards electronics) – my dear old pink Sony Cybershot met her untimely and inglorious demise after I took her to Wildwood Crest with me last summer and happily took photos right and left.  She got a lot of sand in her no matter what I did and eventually the zoom lens was ruined and would’ve cost a lot more money to fix than I was willing to spend.  Sad, sad story.  So you can see why I was worried for Guy’s safety.

Long story short, the Ziploc-ed Kindle worked; the on/off switch and buttons were all accessible!  Sure, it wasn’t attractive, but who wants to be attractive on the beach?1  I did notice, however, that the Ziploc bag perspired a little bit on the inside – definitely not enough to damage anything, and I suspect it still kept out more humidity than it let in so I feel certain Guy was all right.

I also took Guy out of the bag to check to make sure the screen was still easy to read in the brightest sunlight – and I promise, it was really freakin’ bright out – and it was!  There was no glare and I could read it just as well as a paperback.  In fact, I’ve had problems with reading paper books in bright sunlight before because of how white the pages are, but not so with the Kindle because the background is a bit grayer!  I got a fair bit of reading done, worked on my tan (being an untanned Filipino in the summertime is shameful!), and didn’t have to worry about ruining Guy!

Of course, you could avoid my conundrum completely by getting a case that’s more meant to withstand the elements – I unfortunately have nothing to recommend because I haven’t really seen anything that I think would be ideal.  Something like the Leisure Jacket by M-Edge would be perfect, except it’s only compatible with the Kindle 1.  I am also quite certain that I’d never pay for two different cases for my Kindle, but maybe I’m just cheap like that.  I’m much more of a Ziploc kind of person.

1 *smirk* See what I did there? That’s a literary device called irony. I’m sure you know that because you’re reading a blog devoted to literature right now.


I’m off for vacation for a week! No worries, I’ll have free Wi-Fi, plus the forecast is thunderstorms all week, so you won’t miss me too much! I’m looking forward to trying out my M-Edge booklight on the go! It arrived just in time!

By the way – I’m trying out Windows Live Writer. I’d been looking around for one lately because I tend to write several entries all at once and space them out over a period of time. Also, I’m just a fan of desktop clients in general! So far I like this one a lot. It’s fairly straightforward and has a Preview and Source page. Links and pictures look quite easy to embed. Also, it’s fully compatible with WordPress. I’ll comment more on this as I try out other features.

M-Edge booklight review!

My M-Edge e-Luminator2 Booklight for the Amazon Kindle 2 came in the mail today! For your benefit I took pictures as soon as I opened the package.

It comes in a cute little package!

The neck is nicely bend-y yet feels sturdy.

It fits snugly in the dedicated slot of my Prodigy jacket.

The light swivels down for storage.

It gives off a fair bit of light which covers the whole screen.

OMG I can read under the covers again!

Again, it’s two levels of brightness – the difference didn’t show up in pictures though. It runs on one AAA battery, which M-Edge claims will last up to 20 hours of use. (I’m tempted to test it somehow.)

Luckily it’s overcast enough today that just turning the lights off and drawing the shades put my room in enough darkness to try it out – and it works. It’s definitely bright enough and I love that the circle of light it emits actually covers the entire screen. The best part though, is that it fits right inside my cover and folds away safely and quite unobtrusively. I’m definitely pleased!

Thanks, Kevin! Great present!

M-Edge book light, finally!

RUN! DO NOT WALK! (virtually, that is) to go buy the long-awaited e-Luminator2 Booklight for 2nd Generation Amazon Kindle! It was $24.99 but is currently on sale for $19.99… and a neat little tip – use the coupon code ELUM2DAY by midnight on July 25th and you get $5 off! Take note that the website says it ships in 10-14 days. Now snap to it!

Updated M-Edge website

Whoa, M-Edge’s new website is quite sexy! They’ve also added two new Kindle cases: the Sleeve jacket and the Latitude jacket. Both are $29.99 and the sort that zip around the Kindle, the Sleeve made of neoprene and the Latitude made of nylon. The Sleeve comes in several different colours while the Latitude is in black only. Also, the Sleeve is just what it sounds like, the Kindle slips into it, but the Latitude uses the four-point mounting system.

Also to update, since I’m still obsessively checking whether the book light is available yet: it still says “Summer 2009”. And by the way, I can’t remember for sure but wasn’t it $14.99 before? Now it says $24.99.