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Kindle giveaway!

If I won a free Kindle, I’d probably sell it because pretty much everyone I know who wants one already has it. So I’m just going to pass on this contest to my wonderful readers: all you have to do is comment on this post over at Crunchgear and they pick randomly from the comments. It’s sponsored by Bravo, so yay Bravo! It ends Monday 12PM EST so get commenting!

H/T Kevin


M-Edge free shipping

Because free shipping is just the best thing ever!

M-Edge is offering free shipping on e-book jackets and accessories until Valentines’ Day.  Just use the code MEDGE214 when you check out.  While you’re at it, get me the New Yorker Bookopolis jacket!  I can’t bring myself to buy another jacket but I wantsssss the preciousssss.

And for you nookies, their B&N Nook jackets are available now too.  They have several different options, many of which are compatible with their book light.  Make sure you get the appropriate book light – it looks like there’s one for the Kindle jackets and a different one for the Nook jackets.  Anyway, the Kindle light is white and the Nook light is black, so you have no excuse for mixing it up!

Also they have the new Guardian which is meant to be “the only floating waterproof case for Kindle”.  Sounds exciting, but I would be way too scared to test it out.  I think I need a video where they dunk that baby in the water to ease my discomfort.  It’s not meant to be out until “Spring 2010” and apparently will be available in six colours.  There’s only one picture so I can’t tell exactly what will be coloured but it sounds neat anyway.

I can just imagine reading with my Guardianed Kindle in the bathtub…

Kindle 2 for $299!

I kept meaning to blog about this for a while now but it slipped my mind! Anyway, the Amazon Kindle 2 is now going for $299, down from the $359 we suckers paid before. No idea whether it’s going to last, but from experience when prices go down on technology they stay down, at least for the same device. The Amazon Kindle DX is still $489 though.

Anyway, if you’ve been toying with the notion of owning one of these bad boys, go on and do it! $60 off is a great deal… you’ll need it to buy a decent case! (But you might have some left over for a book or two!)

M-Edge book light, finally!

RUN! DO NOT WALK! (virtually, that is) to go buy the long-awaited e-Luminator2 Booklight for 2nd Generation Amazon Kindle! It was $24.99 but is currently on sale for $19.99… and a neat little tip – use the coupon code ELUM2DAY by midnight on July 25th and you get $5 off! Take note that the website says it ships in 10-14 days. Now snap to it!

Win a Kindle 2 from Reason magazine!

If you’d like a Kindle 2 and can’t afford one (ok really, who can though?) try your luck with Reason magazine! You just have to sign up for their newsletter – whether you agree with what they say or not! – and you’re automatically entered into their contest. There are ten winners: the grand prize is the Kindle 2 and the nine runners-up receive a one-year subscription to Reason magazine or a gift subscription. The winners will be announced on March 31. Good luck!

Here’s the link: Reason March Madness Contest