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Interview with the Vampire

Simply a classic. I’ve finally decided to get to work on Anne Rice because I randomly read Memnoch the Devil one time when I was a kid (really far too young to be reading Rice) and felt like I needed to finish out her books.

I really love the sensuality of Rice’s vampires – it isn’t necessarily sexual but it’s erotic and consuming and so desirous.  Anyway I really love the frame story of the boy interviewing the vampire Louis after the series of events with Lestat and Claudia and Armand.

I feel like I need to go back to the Team Lestat vs. Team Armand (sorry Stephenie Meyer, this is so much bigger than you are!) and I have to say I’m Team Armand.  I mean I appreciate Lestat’s brokenness and desperation but he’s pretty batshit (no pun intended) crazy.

I have to put the Vampire Chronicles on hold for a while because I started reading Stieg Larsson’s books and I need to finish them!


The Saga of Darren Shan

These books are AWESOME!  Of course I read Twilight too but these are so much better.  The best part about the Saga of Darren Shan (better known as the Cirque du Freak series) is that Shan really wrote them with pre-teen children in mind.  In fact, they seem to be for pre-teen boys.  I really like the voice and how Shan ever-so-surreptitiously sneaks in little vocabulary lessons just to make sure it’s a didactic experience.  I also really liked Shan’s vampire mythology, and how it’s presented somewhat meta-humorously: he constantly refers to what traditional vampire lore and tells you “No, that’s not really how we vampire folk are… those are just stories” and it all kind of made me giggle.

There are twelve books in the series but I swear it didn’t feel like it. I think I read about two or three books of the series per day, depending on how much time I had to read.  But yes, I bought all 12 books in the span of about a week.  Yikes.

Read it! Give it to your children/siblings/cousins to read!